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Financial Guarantee

We can provide financial guarantee solutions where a financial institution or lender may require a form of guarantee as an additional level of comfort against a borrower’s loan obligations. The loans are typically in the US$ millions for construction developments or corporate acquisitions. We will require a lender to already be in place with loan terms offered.
Insurers (Guarantors) will require collateral to be pledged for the 100% value of the guarantee.

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An asset backed guarantee can be provided against a valuable asset, such as gemstones, to enable the owner to raise funds using the guarantee as collateral when a traditional lender will not accept the gemstone asset as collateral, and without the owner having to sell their valuable asset. Insurers will provide their asset backed guarantee at a certain % LTV against the qualified asset valuation for the owner to monetize or obtain funding against. Insurers will require legal joint custody/assignment of the valuable asset for the agreed term of their guarantee. Should you have an asset backed guarantee enquiry, please contact us and we will advise the specific information required to approach our markets for quotation.