High Risk Manufacturing

Our team thrives on placing high risk insurance policies. No matter how unusual or treacherous, we boast a range unrivalled in the industry. Our Manufacturing Industry offering focuses intensely on the current and future needs of businesses in this sector. We direct our research and insight capabilities to understand their challenges and opportunities which we’ll create tailored and distinctive value propositions. Meanwhile we will continuously work with our markets to enhance products and services especially around manufacturing clients’ emerging exposures. All this is underpinned by our long-term industry commitment: to understand, to collaborate and to continuously innovate.

We target a wide range of manufacturers including, engineering, food and drink, textiles, electronics, plastics, as well as high risk exposures found in automotive and aerospace.

Risk management

The team at London Surety dedicates time to fully understand any risk it is tasked with insuring. We work hard to educate underwriters on the potential hazard, secure a policy and ensure smooth sailing for your business moving forward.

No challenge is too big

We have demonstrated the ability to recognise risks on behalf of our clients and secure insurance in many business areas, including:

· Environmental evictions

· Medical malpractice

· Renewable energy projects

· Environmental clean-up response

· Construction and renovation of major bridges

· Work in blast furnaces

· Work on ships and submarines

· Nuclear power installations

· Petrochemical risks

· Waste risks

· Asbestos risks

· Flood risk areas