Reinsurance – Taylor Francis International

TF look to provide solutions for the placement of large or small international insurance and/or reinsurance risks across a broad range of non-marine coverages as outlined below:-

* Property Damage/Business Interruption

* CAR/EAR, engineering, ALOP and including Construction Liability

* Onshore Oil, Power and Energy risks

* Sabotage, Terrorism, RSCC, Malicious Damage and Political Risks

* Comprehensive General Liability

* Personal Accident

Our clients trust our knowledge concerning a diverse range of industry classes from light commercial enterprises, hotels and retail outlets to heavy industrial and hazardous risks, metal processors and textiles, energy generating plants and distribution networks to refineries, pipelines and tank farms.

We can offer additional value to our clients through our depth of knowledge of the above industries particularly if complex claims settlements are required or analysis of the benefits from enhanced risk management investment are demanded.

We can form programmes that differ in size between basic single risk proportional insureds to more complex multi-layered non-proportional placements, aggregate limits, deductible buy-down and franchise alternatives.

We are proud that our global marketing reach does not reflect only the size of our balance sheet, but is actually based on mutual personal respect and reputation, trust and old-fashioned knowledge. We therefore expect to open doors where many larger competitors cannot